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Jul 09, 2014

By Troy Adams

If you followed last month’s column…your golf game is better by now, you enjoyed a good cigar, a tasty summer beer and flashed some new style. You dominated June. Or at least you tried.

But June is gone. July is here. And new adventures await.

So you got some new clothes. But clothes can’t make up for bad hair. Not much can. So before we get started…head directly to City Barbers. Immediately.

(Take your Elevate magazine with you of course, as we have much more to discuss.) 



The Trend Report

Top 5 2014 Beauty Trend Must Haves



The Style Guy | Summer Style Tips

With warm weather here to stay, it is time to gear up for what exactly that means for your summer wardrobe. Summer is the most casual of the seasons for menswear, especially any time spent near a body of water, but that doesn’t mean it is a season to slack on when it comes to your personal style. In the spirit of summer I thought it would be appropriate to answer a few of the most important questions from our readers, and provide some tips and advice along the way.



Debra’s Summer Product Picks for Beach, BBQ and Vacation FUN!

There is something magical about summer. Perhaps it is the memories about childhood vacations we reflect on, less structure for those with small children when school has ended or looking forward to lots of lake time on your boat. Whatever it is, summer is a favorite for most and I am the president of the “Summer Fan Club!”




Age Management Medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty worldwide, and CAMI (Carolina Age Management Institute) is making a positive presence with their “Fountain of Youth” facility located in Birkdale Village.


The Trend Report

FASHION SPOTLIGHT on Charlotte Fashionista, Lori Coen-Terrell: This month I sat down with one of Charlotte's hottest fashion trendsetters. Lori Coen-Terrell has been taking the city by storm for years with her super cool, super chic vintage style. This girl loves fashion so much that she even spent part of her career in NYC as Store Director of the incredibly cool Betsy Johnson boutique in Soho. After her time in NYC, she returned to the Queen City and we are so grateful to have such an amazing fashion goddess among us. Lori and I met at Carpe Diem for some apps and cocktails to discuss everything fashion! Check out what she had to say:

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