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3 Online Marketing Strategies With the Best ROI

When it comes to marketing your business online, there are many different strategies you can use to get the exposure and sales you want. However, depending on the type of business you have and your access to certain resources, some of these strategies will likely be better suited for you than others.

When deciding which online marketing strategies to use for your company, one of the major deciding factors should be your potential return on investment. To help you focus your efforts on marketing channels that will prove to be most beneficial to you, here are three of the top online marketing strategies that will give your company the best return on your investment.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been well known to have a great ROI for businesses. Even as other strategies become more and more prominent, Mark Brownlow of shares that 90 percent of businesses still rate their email marketing strategies as being very important to their online marketing plans. Because you can specifically target this type of marketing to a group of people and emails have a relatively high open rate, the success you can find by having a strong email marketing strategy can make your efforts very worth your while.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been on the rise in recent years, especially for certain demographics. However, not all content creation can qualify as content marketing and help drive profit. According to, there are certain types of content that give businesses and creators a better ROI than others. The top four versions of content that are most beneficial to online companies are featured articles, video, white papers and photos, as shared by So if your company is looking into getting more involved in content marketing but hasn’t yet ventured into one of the four above mentioned spaces, you may want to try those out first before looking into other forms of content marketing.

Social Media Marketing

With the amount of people filling up the social space, it’s no wonder why deliberate social media marketing can have a huge return on your investment. But according to Natalie Burg, a contributor to, one of the biggest complaints when it comes to social media marketing is knowing how to quantify your ROI. To help with this, Burg suggests looking at metric tools, interactions and traffic to tell if the time and effort you’re spending on social media is really benefitting your business. The potential is there, but how this strategy works for your specific company will vary, necessitating discovering your own ROI to tell if social is worth it.

By using these three strategies to further your impact in the online marketing realm, you will be able to see just how much more business success you can have via the Internet.

Jenna Cyprus, Freelance Writer

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