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8.2.0, Your newest place to drink at the Music Factory

Elevate Lifestyle: What inspired you to open another bar? Tom Taddeo: Honestly, we just needed a bigger kitchen for VBGB, but then that turned into wanting more event space, which turned into just taking the whole building and bringing more “adult play land” thinking to the Music Factory.

EL: Where did the name 8.2.0 come from? TT: It’s just the building address because no name we could think of would work for a place that has so many concepts under one roof.  Instead of the name defining the business, we thought the business would eventually define the name.

EL: How will it be different from VBGB? TT: In nearly every way… smaller space, very little outdoor space, no draft beer (just bottled beer), focus on cocktails, different food and bit nicer finishes but not enough that our VBGB guests won’t feel comfortable about crossing over.

EL: Will you be serving food? What will be the type of food? TT: Our eatery serves 4 different slices of pizza and we also offer 2 cauliflower crust personal size pizzas. The reaction to the pizza so far has been amazing.  We also serve Belgian—style Pommes Frites (twice cooked thick cut fries) with 21 dips to choose from… but there’s more. We have Meatballs in a cup with 4 different hot sauce choices and Cauli-balls (meatless) that you can get with the same sauces.  There’s also a side salad and a cup for just carrots and celery if you just want to go dip crazy.

EL: I heard you are going to have a to-go window, what menu items will be available there? TT: There’s a walk up window on the outside, so you can just grab a slice of pizza or anything off the menu and bring it to VBGB or take it home or whatever.

EL: There is a big surge in craft cocktail establishment opening up all across the country and now in Charlotte, how will 8.2.0 take its place? TT: We are offering 4 craft cocktails on tap along with a full specialty cocktail menu featuring Bursting Boba drinks.  It’s a lot of fun.  They are kind of like small balls of juice that burst in your mouth as you suck them through this big straw.  It creates lots of fun conversation and laughs at the bar, as you might guess… ha!

Craft beer plays a big role of the culture in Charlotte; what beers will you have? Will it be bottle only or will you have some on Tap as well? TT: We only have bottled beers at 8.20 and the selection of 14 beers is top notch.  There’s beers like Alpine Hoppy Birthday, Founders Centennial IPA, Duvel, Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, Bells Amber, North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner and even a retro beer like Rolling Rock in the green “33” bottle… something for every beer drinker for sure.  As the owners of VBGB we made sure we had a great beer list, but we didn’t want to take away anything that we do well at VBGB, thus, no draft beer at 8.2.0.

What’s the capacity of the space? TT: Including the event rooms, we can hold 435 people.

Will there be an event space for people to rent out? TT: Our event room can seat 200 and 300 for cocktail style, but there’s a divider wall that’s soundproof and can divide the space in half, with a bar on each side and another divider wall that can divide one of the halves into another space… so basically, there are up to 3 space available for private rental. One of the spaces is decked-out in a cool lounge vibe with couches, club chairs, end tables and a big rug.  Its really stylish and pretty in there.

Will there be a patio? TT: There is a small patio on the front.  It’s kind of simple and just for getting some air or smoking.

What demographics are you targeting? TT: 24-50 seems to be our crowd range so far and just what we thought would be a good fit.  We are 21 and older only at 8.2.0.

Since 8.2.0 is across the parking lot from VBGB do you think it will be a direct competitor of it? TT: Our thinking was that either is just another choice for guests leaving one of the businesses.  Since we own both, it really can’t be competition, just a sister business that hopefully will keep people around all night long.

I have heard there will be different rooms, such as an Arcade and a Karaoke room, tell us more about these’s rooms? TT: The entire space is broken down into smaller spaces.  There’s a Vintage Game Arcade with the likes of Galaga, Ms Pacman, Pole Position, pinball, skeeball and more, an upscale Karaoke Lounge that has elevated booths for rent for private parties and a hidden Library Lounge.

Are there any other special attractions you plan on having? TT: We will be doing lots of events in the beginning but in the future we foresee big outdoor events between VBGB and 8.2.0 in the entire parking lot.

Will you have any weekly events? TT: We are working on that right now.  Looks like we will be starting “Token Tuesdays” where you get 8 game tokens for every alcoholic drink you buy.  Also, Lip Sync Wars on Wednesdays, pretty similar to the TV’s show version, but scaled down a bit, but definitely just is much fun.

What about the new establishment; are you more excited about/for? TT: So far, the most fun has been watching people in the Karaoke room.  The second you walk in there are smiles everywhere.  It’s also a nearly soundproof room, so when you are over it, just step back into the bar and you won’t hear it!

What made you choose the clean white and silver color scheme for the new location? TT:  White and silver was a look that worked for all the themes and pulled everything together.  We love brick, but wanted to be different than VBGB.

Where will people be able to park? TT: In our lot or in the new AvidXchange parking garage or new surrounding lots.  We gained 300 spots overall with the new garage!

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? TT: If you are looking for a great new space to do your corporate party or holiday party, we have you covered with a casual vibe at 8.2.0.

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