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Are Your Properly Storing Your Wine

Are You Properly Storing Your Wine?

We know you love your wine and would hate to see it go bad, that is why we are sharing some tips with you to make sure you’re storing your wine correctly!

Store it in a dark area.

It is important to always store wines away from the light, especially fluorescent fixtures and direct sunlight. If you do not have a place dedicated to keep your wine out of the light, there are other options to make sure the wine doesn’t go bad, wrap the bottle of wine in a cloth or simply put in inside a box.

Store with the bottles on their sides.

If you store a bottle upright for too long, it allows air to get into the cork, eventually spoiling the wine.

Don’t move your wine.

Once you have stored your wine, try and avoid moving it from place to place. Even the smallest movement can negatively affect the wine.

Keep your wine isolated.

Wine breathes and storing near strong smells or strong spices will cause the scent to permeate through the cork and change the taste of the wine.

Drink in the appropriate amount of time.

Generally, red wines can be stored and aged anywhere from 2-10 years and most white wines can only be stored for 2-3 years after purchasing.

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