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Edge City Brewery will be opening this fall

Edge City Brewery will be opening this fall in the newly revitalized area on Monroe Road known as MoRA. It will be the first brewery to join the collaborative efforts that are ​shaping the rebirth of neighborhoods in southeast Charlotte, between Independence Blvd and Sardis Rd.

Edge City will be offering a taproom experience that is unlike any brewery in town. The interior and exterior will be an industrial utopia providing a getaway right in the middle of the city. Boasting expansive greenery, guests will be surrounded by a vibrant, organic environment. The taproom will have creative installations and features to peak visual senses. These features include a double story mezzanine brewhouse with the capability to gravity feed down to the fermentation area, an all season patio, and an outdoor green space with plenty of room for families and dogs. Community events will also be a priority as the brewery will explore the many possibilities to bring excitement to customers.

This innovative brewery will push the limits with its creative beer recipes inspired by local and unique ingredients. Operating on a 3-barrel system, Edge City will be constantly rotating their taps for customers to explore. Both traditional and experimental beers will be served, bringing taste buds to the edge. Along with variety, sustainability will be emphasized, as the owners pride themselves on being environmentally friendly.

Founders of the brewery, brothers Jared Thomas (Brewmaster) and John Thomas (Operations) have close ties to the Charlotte area and are passionate about its vibrant neighborhoods and beer scene. Also a partner in the brewery, Mandii Green of Belles Creative will be assisting in the marketing and advertising efforts.​ ​Together, they aim to create a synergy with other breweries, local farmers, vendors and entrepreneurs. Being supporters of the MoRA area, the group believes this to be a tremendous opportunity to grow in an “untapped” market in the Meridian complex. Encompassing the idea of bringing the outside in, Edge City Brewery is set to be an intriguingly social, sustainable, and supportive addition to Charlotte.  

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