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Interview with Circa 360 owner Jay Muldrey

EL: Is there a story behind the name of the boutique? Coming up with a name for the boutique was a challenging endeavor. My desire to have a name that was unique, strong and really embodied the Circa360 brand was important. The name Circa360 was derived from personally experiencing the revival of popular styles from the past: Hence the name – Circa. I based 360 on the concept that everything is in constant motion and to make a full circular rotation, 360 degrees is required. Fashion, a practice of self-expression and continuous movement, is an art form of fascinating cycles of re-purposing.

EL: What inspired you to open a boutique? Through my passion and hobby of working as a model and eventually a stylist, I had longing to satisfy my love for the industry even more, by opening a clothing store. With so many really nice boutiques in Charlotte, I wanted to do something new, fun and innovative. I drew inspiration from the West Coast Fashion Truck movement and thought it would be a fabulous idea in Charlotte. After seeing so many food trucks at festivals, events, etc., I thought if food can be so readily accessible, fashion can too!

EL: How long have you been open? My online store opened in 2012, followed by the launch of Circa360, Charlottes first mobile boutique in 2013.

EL: Can customers browse your clothes online? We offer a full inventory online at Customers can also see items before they are available online by checking us out on Instagram @Circa360Style

EL: Do you offer personal stylist assistance? Absolutely! Our Style Bar can be accessed on our website at underneath the Style Bar section. We offer such a diverse choice of package options for any budget.

EL: Can you tell us a little about your mobile boutique? Ill start by saying our truck is larger than most, allowing us to stock a large inventory of your favorite pieces. What was originally a bread truck, evolved into a traveling clothing boutique with a dressing room – equipped with a full-length mirror, sitting area and all the luxuries experienced at a brick and mortar boutique. We offer a full complement and curated mix of ultra- trendy and chic clothing and accessories. You can find our mobile boutique roaming the streets of Charlotte, popping up at festivals, fashion shows, happy hours and the list goes on . We make house calls and are available for booking for private parties and events as well.

EL: What makes someones shopping experience at Circa 360 unique from other boutiques? Our shopping experience is so unique because of the personal touch we can afford our customers. From our online store, to our Style Bar service we are able to be at your doorstep or event in no time: The Circa360 shopping experience is unparalleled.

EL: What are your busiest times? The spring and summer time is great for business due to the many festivals that are available.

EL: Do you carry clothes for various levels of casual and formal? Yes! We carry styles from casual to business attire; and even teens looking to dress for their formal. Circa360 caters to fashion lovers in general: Those not afraid to express their individuality! REALLY!

EL: What brands do you carry? BB Dakota, Free People, Gypsy05 and various indie designers.

EL: How would you describe the style of clothing you carry? Boho-Chic with a classic twist. We are boho obsessed! I love the vibrant colors, the fabric and the free-spiritless of it. We also carry classic pieces as well as everyday pieces you can wear to work, weddings or a night out on the town.

EL: How often does your stock change? (how often do you get in different clothes?) We change stock as quickly as they sell out. We also buy items regularly to accommodate different events.

EL: Do you carry accessories as well as clothes? We carry accessories as well! We love collaborating with local artisans to offer our customers the most unique pieces. We operate on a quarterly basis and regularly rotate designers and products in the store to ensure the best availability of style and versatility!

EL: Who are your target customers? Our target customer is anyone who loves fashion Plain and Simple! We carry Boho-chic: We have it. Business basic: We have it. Casual: We have it!

EL: Does your boutique have any annual sales/events? We like to give back to our loyal customers for being a part of our dream! To show our appreciation, we constantly offer flash sales, major holidays discounts and a plethora of Instagram giveaways. We also have a yearly anniversary promotional, which is always guaranteed to be a good time!

EL: Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers? Circa360 is the most unique shopping experience to hit the Southeast! Follow us on Instagram at Circa360Style and like our Facebook fan page at Circa360. I would also like to thank everyone for the continued support. Opening a small business based on new concepts can be challenging; however, the community has been responsive and very supportive. Thanks for embracing this new fashion revolution.

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