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North Carolina-Based Coding School Bridges IT Demand

Heading into the new year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported unemployment rates in the IT industry were dipping into historic lows with software developers at around one percent, bringing the demand for coders to an all-time high. And in North Carolina alone, there were 19,000 computing jobs open as of November 2015. But hiring managers are finding a significant gap between employment needs and qualified candidates, making it difficult to fill these open positions. Even more telling, a Microsoft study found that annually there are 120,000 new computer science jobs created nationwide and only 49,000 college graduates with computer science degrees.

“Coding bootcamps are providing real solutions to the industry’s indisputable education and employment gap, while also providing real solutions for everyday people seeking better jobs,” said Lawrence Reaves, CEO and co-founder of Triad, North Carolina-based Coder Foundry. “With the right program, students with a range of technical skill levels are trained and placed into new life-changing careers with huge salary potential. We’ve helped this happen for people from all backgrounds – IT, accounting, massage therapy, stay-at-home parent, financial services and even fast food.”

With campuses in the Triad and Charlotte areas, Coder Foundry is an intensive coding bootcamp that offers hands-on training of the fundamental framework needed for career advancement in software development, which is one of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs out there today. The school offers quarterly programming courses qualifying graduates for jobs with average starting salaries ranging from $60,000 to $90,000.

Students receive constant, personalized attention during the Coder Foundry program. Designed to mimic real-world work experience, applicants are exposed to the same workflow, structure, project types, deadlines and overall expectations as on the job. Students problem-solve, design and build a variety of mobile-ready, enterprise-quality web applications, allowing them to hit the ground running their first day of a new career after graduation, even if it’s their first official coding job. They learn the languages used in enterprise-level companies all over the country to maximize their job opportunities and salary potential after the course. Additionally, Coder Foundry is the only coding training program in the Southeast to teach C#, which studies show is the most employable developer language upon graduation.

Coder Foundry also helps its students get new jobs as programmers, offering interview preparation and job placement support as part of the course, including access to a network of companies that employ its graduates. The school started after the co-founders struggled to find qualified employees for their own tech businesses. The pair sought out to make a difference in helping people radically improve their coding skills, and companies find much better developers by founding Coder Foundry.

The online application is now open for Coder Foundry’s next three-month class, beginning March 28 at its Charlotte and Triad campuses. Learn more or apply at

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