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Ramifications of the Corona Pandemic on Bike Rallies

A motorcycle rally, a gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts, has always been a great escape for the adventurous and free souls. Some bike rallies can be large and others may be small, but one thing is for sure that they attract lots of people. Some rallies end in a day event while others take days of riding. The corona pandemic has devastated all the supports, and motorcycle rides, races, and rallies are no exception. Many great events and motorcycle rallies are either postponed or canceled because of the strict measures for maintaining social distancing. The coronavirus has taken the world by storm; all sources of entertainment are gone and everyone is confined to his home. We will shed some light on the problems for bikers in general and the repercussions of the corona pandemic on motorcycle rallies in particular. We will also discuss what it takes to live like a pro rider in the U.S.A.

Why bike rallies are called off due to corona?

Social distancing on Motorcycle:

While riding a motorcycle, you can easily keep social distancing. First of all, you will be doing a solo riding and secondly on a motorcycle you cover less space which can help you in maintaining the social distance. On the other hand, unlike an enclosed vehicle, you are always exposed to the outer environment on a motorcycle. There are more chances of catching the virus on a motorcycle because of this exposure. This is one of the reasons why bike rallies are postponed.

The popularity of bike rallies:

Bike rallies are very popular in almost all parts of the world but they have some special significance in the U.S.A. They attract hundreds and thousands of people at every event. With so much crowd WHO recommendations like social distancing and avoid touching things around you, will be impossible to follow. So, the excitement of the rally can spread the virus to so many people. This is another reason behind the cancellation of bike rallies.

The problem for sanitization:

As some rallies take even days to complete, sanitization of your hands, body, and ride becomes really difficult. You don’t really find that much time on the way and secondly, you may not be carrying all the needed items for sanitization. This is a great risk of getting infected by the virus, so, bike rallies are called off.

Problems in the event of accidents:

Besides the aforementioned problems, if you met an accident during a bike rally, an ambulance may not reach you at the expected time because they are busy carrying thousands of corona patients in every country.

How you can dwell a life of a motorcyclist in the USA

No matter which part of the earth you are residing, adventurous people are always fond of motorcycle riding. They always long for motorcycle road trips and rallies to experience nature more closely while immersing in the beautiful sceneries of the country. The U.S.A. is a place where most bike enthusiasts reside, this is why the biggest bike rally, Annual Sturgis Rally, is held in this country. You can join the community of motorcycle riders by just activating the adventurous bug in you. After finding a good ride for yourself, along with buying motorcycle gears including jacket, follow these steps, and become a motorcyclist of the U.S.A.

Spend As Little As Possible on the road:

When you are on the road, riding your sumptuous motorcycle, try to spend as little as possible. Many people do overspending while going on a motorcycle road trip, believing motorcycle trips have fewer expenses, so, they can go a little over the normal spending. As a result, they find themselves empty-handed on the way.

Learn how to live the life of a homeless person:

Bikers have to live in the camps every other day especially when they are on a road trip or participating in a bike rally. Some people get homesick very soon, these are not the family of motorcyclists.

Learning the basics of motorcycle repairing:

When you are on the road, sometimes you will not be able to find a mechanic in case your motorcycle broke down. If you know the basics and most common problems you can incur on the road, you will be able to help yourself and continue the trip. Moreover, it will save some substantial amount of money that a mechanic will charge for even the simple repair. You must always keep basic tools for repair in your motorcycle tail bags.

Final Thoughts:

Corona has affected all fields of life and the entertainment industry especially sports are the worst victims of this pandemic. Bike rallies have been postponed worldwide because of the corona outbreak. One big reason is the failure in the implementation of recommended measures against the coronavirus for a group activity. Moreover, you can become a motorcyclist by learning how to live a life out of comfort and in the adventure.

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