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The Brothers That Just Do Gutters comes to Charlotte, North Carolina

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters’

Property owners throughout North Carolina now can now have their gutters serviced and installed by one of the most reputable and fastest growing specialized brands in the country with the opening of The Brothers That Just Do Gutters’ Charlotte franchise location. New franchisee Peter Awando has dedicated his career to the gutter business, working for the company in both technician and managerial roles while studying to achieve his MBA. Now, he is applying his specialized skill set and entrepreneurial spirit to address the gutter related issues that face his local community and the surrounding region.

Peter is supported in his new venture by his wife Linda and their 3 children Devyn, Ava and Aiden.

Peter experienced the efficiency and success of the Brothers That Just Do Gutters while working for the company’s flagship Hudson Valley, New York location off and on for more than 10 years. After exploring other business ventures, he determined The Brothers That Just Do Gutters was by far the most viable opportunity for him to reach his personal and financial  goals. The training, literature and human resources the organization provides their franchisee were influential in helping Peter arrive at his decision to open his own The Brothers That Just Do Gutters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Peter sums up this sentiment, “I don’t have to invent the wheel or reinvent the wheel. I’ve seen the system work – so why stray from it or create my own?”

As a resident of Charlotte, Peter has come to understand the climate’s effects on gutter systems firsthand. Summer months deliver heavy rains to the region. The turning of the leaves that North Carolina is famous for also generates build up in gutters and drains. Additionally, significant winter snowfalls and ice-sustaining temperatures weigh down gutters, causing them to sag or fall off completely. Though nearly 300 miles from the Atlantic, the Charlotte area is subjected to high winds from tropical cyclones and the debris that scatter on roofs and gutters as well. Increasingly high pollen counts in the spring are quickly becoming another primary source of the clogging issues local property owner face.

Fortunately, Peter and the specialists at The Brothers That Just Do Gutters are expertly trained to address these issues head on. Regular maintenance like clearing gutters of sticks and leaves, patching leaks or rust, and power-washing pollen residue are essential to the health of your gutters and home. The best way to thwart these conditions in the first place is with the right gutter guards. Peter often recommends mesh gutter guards to his local clients. This style of guard acts like a chain-link fence for your gutter – keeping large debris out while allowing rain, dirt and pollen to pass through. This style is preferred over micro-mesh gutter guards that feature fine screens that often cake with pollen in the summer months and hinder water flow. Mesh gutter guards are more economic and efficient than traditional reverse-curve style gutters guards as well. This decades-old design reverse-curve gutter requires a labor-intensive install and must be uninstalled to effectively clean gutters while mesh gutter guards simply snap in and out.

If you think you could use new gutters, regular maintenance or even a total overhaul, get the opinion of gutter expert. Peter and his team at The Brothers That Just Do Gutters in Charlotte, North Carolina are happy to offer their expertise to get your gutters flowing again.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters Story

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters was born out of Ken Parson’s vision for a better contracting service. While working as a gutter installer for an independent company during summers between teaching history in the mid-1990’s, he determined exactly what qualities such an operation should embody. In 1999 his plans were solidified with the opening of what is now called The Brothers That Just Do Gutters.

Ken was able to recruit his brother Ryan, trained and educated as a graphic designer, to join him as Chief Solutionist of their growing operation. The siblings haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to 2019. Ken and Ryan have helped dozens of other motivated individuals, partners and couples realize the American Dream by opening The Brothers That Just Do Gutters franchises of their own. Today, there are 11 Brothers Gutter franchise locations and one corporate own location including Hudson Valley, NY, New Milford, CT, Monmouth, NJ, Lehigh Valley, PA, Richmond, VA, Lynchburg, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Jacksonville, FL, Seattle, WA, San Antonio, TX, South Charlotte, NC and Columbus, GA. Their proprietary system enables speedy growth and ample return on investment with direct training, ongoing consultation and strategic marketing.

For more information about Brothers Gutter system, visit or call (845) 705-7276.

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